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All that mattered was getting on the elevator and going up to his room, booked in advance, a safe haven for our love game. In the elevator we were quiet. All he did was take my hand and give it a slight squeeze. I sighed with the touch, anticipating what was to come. The elevator doors opened and we were on his floor then. We were walking to his room, his suite at the end of the hall. And then there we were, at the door, and I was entering, not even a glance back towards him.

He was right behind me, on my heels, almost pushing me into the room, ready to get down to it, to what we were there for. The anticipation would have to be dealt with. There was no jumping right in. There was nothing but what was going to happen.

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  5. There was a bit of a wait as he pushed me down onto the bed, settling between my legs and giving me a good, hard kiss. I responded to his kiss, giving him my lips, allowing him to take me over by pushing his tongue into my mouth so I could suck on it and then offer him my own. The kiss was not prolonged. It was slight, just enough foreplay to get right down to it, to the sex, to the fucking, to all of it.

    But first… Oh, yes, first, there came something else, something entirely different. A riding crop.

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    There it was; what I was after, what I craved. He gave it to me, had been wanting to give it to me. I had been wanting to get it from him. He knew what I wanted and he wanted to give it to me.

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    It was for us, for him as much as it was for me. Clothes off, clothes on the floor, piled up, forgotten about. Naked body on the bed, ass in the air, ready for what was to come. And then… Smack! Right across the right buttock. A slight, red mark left to be pondered over later. My nervousness eased, my senses began to tingle, to go crazy for a kiss of the crop.

    And he gave it to me: Smack, smack, ahhh… I felt such relief, such utter joy from that. His hand slid between my legs, making me want to grind on it, making me feel everything then. He pulled back and I got another kiss from the crop. Ummm… It was a good one, too.

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    His hand was back between my legs and I felt myself get wet from his touch. I wanted more, his cock between my legs, inside of me, or, perhaps, in my mouth. A scarf was over my eyes now, blinded from his face, from the world. Now his hands were all over me and then… Then my hands were tied and he took over completely. I was at his mercy and his command. It was a game we were playing, that was all. He once told me I was beautiful. He said the same thing now, told me how he loved my soft skin and gorgeous body. He kept talking about my beautiful face and soft blue eyes.

    How can she possibly resist her urges for the handsome billionaire now? After an incredible night, she decides to leave him. First, fate has a way of ensuring two people destined to be together end up with each other. Things are about to get even more intense, because Ethan has a brother, and Hailey is about to learn what it means to be shared. With two men intent on bringing her to the utmost heights of pleasure, will Hailey be able to handle the extraordinary pace of change? Will she accept the new direction or will she fight it off and go back to the Hailey she once was?

    How can a woman have everything she wants? Surely things are going to fall apart. Can life really be this blissful with two men to attend to her every need?

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    Is she willing to do it? Is she willing not only to enjoy these men who want to share her? Is she ready to make a far deeper commitment that perhaps nobody other than the three of them could ever understand? Be warned that this ebook contains very hot and explicit descriptions of erotic activity during a BDSM love affair between a poor girl and billionaire brothers.

    Included within is bondage, submissive training, MFM threesome sex and a little rough sex. Only mature readers should download this book. Kindle Edition , pages. Sexed Up, Tied Down To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Jun 03, Drue Sheffield rated it it was amazing. Very hot, passionate, and Jun 12, Zoey rated it really liked it. Later with his brother, R. Vicki Busby rated it really liked it Feb 08, Catherinesummers rated it liked it Nov 18, Vi rated it really liked it Feb 15, Jackie Rivera rated it it was amazing Jan 15, Sha rated it liked it Jul 11, Deanna Dunston rated it it was amazing Apr 04, Latasha Jones rated it it was amazing Dec 20, Give yourself a taste of the taboo with this collection of off-limits fun.

    This story boxed set erotica bundle includes some explicit stories about couples getting frisky in very public places and others about men and women being unfaithful to their spouses. The adventure takes a public turn when the group decides to bring their game out into the city streets.

    Now, on to the chapters!

    This word erotica fantasy contains graphic depictions of exhibitionist friends playing a game of naughty truth or dare and ending up sharing more than secrets! This word erotica fantasy contains depictions of a forbidden teacher and student age gap relationship. June 24, by Serpent Publications. Always-in-her-head introvert Tiffany Waters tells the story of her first time experience with illegal drugs and their effects.

    What she thought would be a casual get together turns into a night of taboo fun she will never forget. High on ecstasy, mushrooms, and weed at a club, Tiffany lets loose and experiments with free love and bisexuality. Graphic and explicit contents.

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