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Still, as much as The Society looks to Lord of the Flies , it is not entirely preoccupied with nostalgia. It wants to be its own thing, even as it gets mired in trite platitudes. At one point, after a night of anarchy, Cassandra remarks: "If we don't do something, male testosterone is going to be the end of us. The show leans too heavily into flat, cookie-cutter stereotypes: the jock bros, the smug rich kid, the virgin Christian girl, the elementary MeToo rhetoric. You can feel the series wanting to be smarter than it actually is.

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It's ambitious but unsuccessful in this regard. There are bright spots. For me, the joy in watching The Society is how well it was able to underpin suspense. The tensions hold, even when the plot drags, and become central to the show's core understanding. The result is a study in human nature, an occasionally-tasty blend of teen pulp and social science.


Somewhere just below the surface of any given scene, revelation creeps, waiting to combust. It doesn't often happen. But when it does, the payoff is worth the slog.

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Still, it's an intensely entertaining drama about the vortex of power and influence. Underneath all the clutter of Netflix programming, The Society has worthy themes that merit fresh eyes: the good of the collective versus that of the individual; the grip of female leadership; the pains of depression and gun violence. Sharply enough, its power dynamics are rooted as much in class as they are in gender, and how those two social constructs intersect prove to be some of the show's most alluring bits. Equipped with just the right amount of resources, The Society asks: Is a socialist utopia possible, or are all governments ultimately doomed for failure?

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  6. The Society is a trippy modern version of Lord of the Flies. Related Stories. Jason Parham. Emma Grey Ellis. Lily Hay Newman. Related Video. TV Netflix. View Comments. Sponsored Stories Powered By Outbrain. Jennifer M.

    More culture. Author: Jason Parham Jason Parham. Author: Adam Rogers Adam Rogers. Vacation Plans.

    Author: Wonbo Woo Wonbo Woo. Author: Julie Muncy Julie Muncy. Digital Culture. Spicer continued, popular voting is a joke.

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    I've stopped watching. Like honestly. DWTS is a joke! You're ruining it for everyone else. This is about talent, not who you know. Sean's involvement in the show was contentious from the start. When Sean was announced as part of the cast on Good Morning America in late August, many threatened to boycott the season and claimed ABC was ruffling feathers in attempt to help the network's ratings in the end though, Sean hasn't help the show's ratings very much.

    The former White House press secretary worked under President Trump in and was replaced with Sarah Huckabee Sanders after resigning. While working under the Trump administration, he notoriously fought with journalists and repeatedly made false claims to the American public. Last year, fans of the show raised a similar voting concern after country music radio host Bobby Bones was declared the winner.

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    While Bobby is far less of a controversial figure than Sean, he and pro Sharna Burgess won thanks to his fandom, even though he, too, consistently earned low scores. The voting issue was something host Tom Bergeron teased would be addressed in this current season. But clearly, the new voting system as of this year — which gives the judges the opportunity to pick which one of the bottom two couples goes home — still doesn't fix what many perceive to be a big flaw of the dance program.

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    6. For can't-miss news, expert beauty advice, genius home solutions, delicious recipes, and lots more, sign up for the Good Housekeeping newsletter. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Folks are upset that Sean hasn't been sent home yet, while higher-scoring contestants have gotten the boot.