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Lien : Radio-Canada.

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Lien : Cyril Dion, Actes Sud. Lien : Le Figaro, Sabine Duflo. Lien : VOA news. Lien : Lire et faire lire. Lien : The Free Radical, August Letter to the APA. Researchers followed more than 2, Los Angeles high school students over two years, asking about symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD and their digital media habits. Lien : Montem-life Hiking blog. Lien : Carmen McCrae.

Lien : SRC. Source: Premier Plan, 12 juin Gare au monstre insidieux. Lien : Montem Life. Lien : TV5 Monde. Lien : Sabine Duflo, Le Point. Lien : Midi-trente. Your Amazing Body. Misconceptions about data privacy are making us too comfortable. Lien : Richard Freed, Medium. Lien : ParticipAction. Lien : Psychomedia.

Lien : SmartMediaEducation. Kids' TV time tied to consumerism. Lien : Criviff. Quebec legislation reduces fast food consumption. Enacted in , Quebec legislation prohibits advertising of products such as toys and fast food which target children in print and electronic media. In the past decade, other countries have followed suit with similar bans, among them Norway, Sweden, Greece and the U. In , both Campbell Soup Company and Kellogg Canada have been compelled to discontinue educational programs running in Quebec schools.

Both companies had, unwittingly, contravened provincial legislation on advertising to children. Wall Street Journal. Lien : Gynger. LendEDU found out how much money the average player was dishing out on Fortnite. After conducting a survey of 1, Fortnite gamers, we uncovered some very interesting statistics. France will be banning mobile phones in schools from September. We consider the pros and cons. Lien : The Guardian. Powerpoint and video. Lien : Angers Info. Lien : Body science. Is That True? Lien : Huff Post. Richard Freed. Lien : Harvard Medical School.

By Dr Victoria Dunckley. Doug Gentile.

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Lien : Alain Dubuc, La Presse. Lien : Tim Elmore, Growing leaders.

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USA Today. For Older Kids, Moderation is Key. Lien : The Economist. Lien : Pr Daniel Marcelli, Alerte. Lien : EAVI. Lien : Soprano, Serenways, 4m. Comment influencer les foules? Lien : Wirdpress. Comment on a fait de la psychologie une arme. How psychology is being used as a weapon against children.

Lien : Ted Talk by Tristan Harris. Lien : Medium, 12 April. Lien : Medium, 10 April. Lien : Julie Lanigan, Researchgate. Solutions pour une vie sereine. Lien : LinkedIn. Lien : Nouvel Obs. Lien : Screen-Time Network. Diapositives et transcription. Lien : Slideplayer. Lien : Notre temps. More than half of all including minor characters are involved in violence, twice as many as in prime time. Eight out of ten major characters are involved in violence, compared to The rate of retribution is also higher. For every violents in Saturday morning children's programs, there are victims; for major characters the ratio is Comparable ratios for prime time are and MAI Lien : Arte.

Laurent Cohen.

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Mindless TV violence is not an expression of artistic freedom or of any measure of reality. On the contrary, it is the product of de facto censorship: a global marketing formula imposed on program creators and foisted on the children of the world. Lien : COSE. According to research psychologist Jean Twenge, teen suicides outpaced teen homicides for the 1st time in almost 3 decades. Kids are committing fewer murders but more suicides.

Lien : Tim Elmore. Lien : Le Soleil, Le Nouvelliste. Lien : Vienne-tv. Lien : Chelsea Manning, Le Devoir. Lien : Ink Lara Boyd, Vancouver. Lien : Dr. Lien : Dropbox.

Access to all online videos produced or selected by Edupax. Lien : Edupax-Youtube.

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Lien : Salon. Avec les enfants du 22 mai au 1er juin Lien : Le Parisien. Lien : Pressenza. Predicting problematic internet, game, and social media use from psychosocial well-being and application use. Vox pop.

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Lien : David Grisman. By Aric Sigman.

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Mounting evidence suggests smartphones cause disrupted sleep, depression and higher rates of attempted suicide. Action is surely required. Or, can books save us from what digital does to our brains? President Trump has held a series of White House meetings on gun violence, and the focus of March 8, , was video games. Lien : National Public Radio. How is digital media shaping the social skills and mental health of future generations?