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After the taxes are collected, the U. Fish and Wildlife Service awards the grant funds out to its state partners to fund their fish and wildlife conservation efforts, hunter and aquatic education programs, shooting range programs, and to provide boating access opportunities to the public.

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Agency funding comes primarily from the sale of hunting and fishing licenses, federal assistance from excise taxes through the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration programs described above, and a few other important sources such as the Heritage Fund from a portion of Arizona lottery ticket sales and the Wildlife Conservation Fund from a portion of tribal gaming revenues. E-news Signup.

Pittman-Robertson Act

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Excise Tax Update - Final FY Collection Data | Wildlife Management Institute

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How to calculate Excise Tax and determine Who Bears the Burden of the Tax

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Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Funding

You Are Here: home unt libraries government documents department this report. Description As a result of the recent debate over guns, gun rights, and gun-related violence, there has been a marked increase in sales of many weapons as well as ammunition. Who People and organizations associated with either the creation of this report or its content.

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Authors Corn, M. Senior Specialist in Economic Policy.


Publisher Library of Congress. Congressional Research Service.

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Spending time outdoors, connecting with nature, and harvesting local, organic, and sustainable protein, are a few key benefits, but an often overlooked, and certainly under-communicated benefit, is the impact that excise taxes on firearms and ammunition have on conservation and wildlife populations.

Want to know what those taxes are funding? The premise is to connect excise tax-paying manufacturers with their local wildlife agencies to share what each other does. The field day consisted of tracking down a collared sow in her den, tranquilizing her, taking her vitals, and checking the health of her three cubs.